My family believe my visions are a gift, they are nothing but a curse to me. I’ve been robbed of human touch and can’t even leave my home without being brought to my knees from seeing others’ lives.


I prayed for relief and I thought I had found it in the visions I had been having of a man, but that all changed when he found me.


Cairo Cruz was like a hurricane; he turned my life upside down from the moment he barrelled through my pack.


He can try to fight the pull he feels toward me but it is futile, he thinks he loves another but I am about to shatter this Savage Beast’s reality.


My name is Gabrielle Wilder and I’m the girl that is about to bring the wolf who cannot be led to his knees.

Savage Beasts is Now Live

Author Samantha Barrett


Samantha Barrett is an internationally selling author​ of fantasy and paranormal romance. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, two children and four Douge De Bordeaux's.

Samantha is an avid reader and loves all genres of books. She loves anything by Catherine Heart and Kelsey Clayton. Sam loves to write complicated stories and if her books leave you wanting more, she takes that as a win.

Samantha is a home body and enjoys lounging around at home with family and friends or snuggling on the couch with her dogs. Sam's idea of a night out is picking up some takeout and coming home to watch movies with the family.


The Dream Trilogy


Brutal Savages

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A Beautiful Dream
A Twisted Fate
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